Selasa, 14 Januari 2014

Walking Down the Path; a new year's note, not a resolution.

Sometime you just have to go back down the road. Retrace your footsteps, see things in a different light, and maybe understand a bit more about who you are now. I travelled back to London and spent my winter break there instead of going home. 

London glimmered in Christmas lights and the air was so much colder than I remembered. My memories were rewinded and I've found new corners in the city that I thought I've known before as I piece the stories of how I become how I become who I am now. How much I love the city for the lively air, and how I have never wanted to stay. To me London is like sugar in my cuppa, for a teaspoon is just about enough before it turns bitter.

This film is about my Christmas and New Year’s Eve in London and the paths I've walked down in 2013 as I've counted down to 2014. The rough times (leaving Devon was bitter!) and the sweet times (finally graduated from college and walked down the Inca trail!). This was never an easy path to walk down as things went wrong a hundred times this year, and at the same time good things kept coming down my way. 

Rugged, beaten down, and bruised, you are the ones to decide whether to stop moving forward or keep walking. To choose the path with a clear destination, or to make your own way to an unknown destination. The path still goes on, and I have no intention to ever stop. Which path will I (and you!) walk down this year?

A happy new year for us all :)

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