Sabtu, 12 Oktober 2013

Indonesian, Football and Food.

I was not feeling homesick or anything at all. I just want to eat an Indonesian dish. Just any Indonesian food. So I woke up at 12 today and just realised that Indonesia will be playing against South Korea now, on Indonesian time. So I rushed to my laptop to watch the game. This was a pain in the ass, literally.

The first 10 minutes of my internet streaming is super smooth, but then the connection went wonky. Luckily the connection was smooth when Indonesia made its first goal and I jumped and screamed like mad, just before the connection went down and what should be a celebration moment turned into an awkward silence between me and the grainy laptop screen. The connection went down until like the first half of the game, and I missed South Korean's penalty kick that turned the game to an awkward balance right after Indonesian's goal celebration. Thanks to Twitter and Livescore, I can follow up with every single detail of the game that I've missed.

So I decided to cook an Indonesian vegetable soup and tempe (soybean cake stuff, super awesome) with rice to complete my truly Indonesian experience. I was struggling for both getting a smooth internet connection and to fix up my lunch. I've never known that cooking is THIS hard. I swear I'll eat everything my mum cook for me next time I'm home. Apparently cooking is harder than doing 10 Sociology essays to me. It was messy and I've burnt my finger, but it was worth it. My food tastes like home, and my internet connection went back just in time to catch the last quarter of the game.

I've watched the rest of the game to see Indonesia defeated South Korea, 2-3. I hope it'll be the beginning for Indonesian Under 19 team to repeat its glory in 1961, the last time they've won the Asian Under 19 Cup. 

I'm laying on my bed while sipping my Indonesian veggie soup and seeing my national team won the match. Indonesians are always proud of their national football team and Indonesians love good food. Our football team may not always be the best, and our food may not be as posh as French gourmet food, but our football team and food is our identity. This is the happiest state an Indonesian can be when they're not in their motherland.

My Indonesian veggie soup and tempe, tastes like home.

The painful buffer, just . . . painful.

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