Minggu, 01 September 2013

Peru Trip Trailer

I’m super thrilled to finally make and (hopefully very soon) upload my new film and post in my blog. I’ve been travelling quite a lot lately and I have less time to edit my films, as I was super busy taking care of my university stuff at the same time. After all these struggle with my exam and university application, it’s official: I’m going to Glasgow University this September, woo hoo!

I’m super psyched about taking classes in the Glasgow University’s old buildings, it’s going to feel like being thrown to Hogwarts or something. Living in Scotland will guarantee me an access to the breathtaking Scottish landscape (Skye Islands and Callanish Stones in my bucket list, defo!). I’m a big fan of Disney’s Brave, and living in a close proximity of castles and glens will make me super happy.

Apart from the superb news about me moving further up to the colds, I have a bad news. My passport is being held by the UK embassy for at least another 3 weeks because of the delay in my visa application process, which means that I will miss my fresher’s week, college orientation and first classes of the term, AND I also have to cancel my South East Asian cruise plan because of my current no-passport-state.

Meanwhile, enjoy the teaser trailer for my film about my trip to Peru with National Geographic Student Expeditions this summer. The film is going to be uploaded very soon.

Hasta pronto!

(P. S. been learning Spanish lately!)

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