Senin, 30 September 2013

Coping with University Life; It's a Trap, Don't Ever Go to University.

I've just moved to my own place in Glasgow and it is nerve racking, literally, and today is my first day as a university student. This just added the pain and suffering of my first week settling in my new place. The hassle of moving to a new place and being a fresher is just kind of overwhelming, I hope I'll settle down well soon.

Unpacking my stuffs. This part was fun, it's like opening christmas present!

My new place is perfect, I just have to make it home by adding stuffs and filling up my refrigerator with food. Proper food, not instant microwave food if it's not too much to ask. I also have to plan my monthly finance, which is also nerve racking as I have to basically start all over as I'm living in a completely new place. This financial planning also comes along with the 'Monthly Shopping List' routine (cupboard foods, toilet paper etc.) in addition to the 'Essentials Shopping List' (broom, trash bag, laundry basket etc. Seriously? I've never thought of these stuffs as I've never live alone in a new place before!). This 'Essentials Shopping List' is just mad, like who thought I'll ever need a broom until I can feel the food crumbs under my feet. Eeew, i need to get a broom ASAP. The 'Monthly Shopping List' in the other hand is pretty cool for me as I like shopping for food and am obsessed with filling up the food cupboard.

My first day at university is pretty exhausting as I have to move around the HUGE university area to get to my classes. I must admit that I need a map and Google Maps to get around, which makes me look ridiculous walking with a phone stuck on my nose, and still I was still late for my classes. I'm blaming it on the size of the university, my classes were all over the place and I don't know my way around at all!

I am already missing 2 weeks of lecture, so I am missing quite a lot. I have to catch up and I just hate this. Plus, I know no one on my classes while everyone else's already having friends. Perfect. If only I could get my visa on time I wouldn't miss the Fresher's Week and my first classes. My classes today were mad as I don't know anything at all and I don't have the necessary books yet. I have also missed homework and assignment things. This makes me like 2 million light years behind my classmates. Yes, perfect.

I have also do freshers stuff like buying new books, registering myself and meeting my Advisors. This includes standing in ridiculously long queues and being on time for my appointments. Plus, I have to do this in different places which means it takes me ages to find the right buildings. Thank god people invented Google Maps!

However, the university is just so pretty I would trade all the pain of settling in my new home and study routine with the uni's gorgeous old buildings. The university is like 550 years old with all the old Harry Potter looking buildings (and yes my university is a Harry Potter set!) and I absolutely love the look of this place. My academic sense is just so heightened by being in one of these old buildings! 

. . . Okay, I'm still that struggling university student.

The Main University Building.

On the evening I tried to cook myself dinner. I succeeded in my first attempt to cook black pepper veggies rice bowl. It was messy, I've spilled millions of unknown substances on my worktop but my food was superb! If you happen to drop by my place I'll cook you stuffs! Oh yes, I'm very proud of my cooking skills as a student and being good enough to be able to not eat microwave foods.

Eat fresh! This is a rare case for students . . .

My black pepper veggie rice bowl. I'm super proud.

And yes, I'm a proud student for being able to survive my first day as university student stress. University is seriously a trap, don't go to university unless you want to feel the satisfaction of being able to survive all this ****. I deserve the good meal and the proud feeling of being a student of one of the most respectable institutions in the world and surviving the day.

My student ID and my assignment PDF. Yes I'm happy with where I am now :)

Minggu, 01 September 2013

Peru Trip Trailer

I’m super thrilled to finally make and (hopefully very soon) upload my new film and post in my blog. I’ve been travelling quite a lot lately and I have less time to edit my films, as I was super busy taking care of my university stuff at the same time. After all these struggle with my exam and university application, it’s official: I’m going to Glasgow University this September, woo hoo!

I’m super psyched about taking classes in the Glasgow University’s old buildings, it’s going to feel like being thrown to Hogwarts or something. Living in Scotland will guarantee me an access to the breathtaking Scottish landscape (Skye Islands and Callanish Stones in my bucket list, defo!). I’m a big fan of Disney’s Brave, and living in a close proximity of castles and glens will make me super happy.

Apart from the superb news about me moving further up to the colds, I have a bad news. My passport is being held by the UK embassy for at least another 3 weeks because of the delay in my visa application process, which means that I will miss my fresher’s week, college orientation and first classes of the term, AND I also have to cancel my South East Asian cruise plan because of my current no-passport-state.

Meanwhile, enjoy the teaser trailer for my film about my trip to Peru with National Geographic Student Expeditions this summer. The film is going to be uploaded very soon.

Hasta pronto!

(P. S. been learning Spanish lately!)