Selasa, 24 Juli 2012

The Fear

Ageing, something that will happen to everyone. Some fear it and fight against it, but very few welcome it in peace. The fear of losing beauty, wealth, and health haunts. In the end, growing old is not a choice, but how you see it will change everything. I've just travelled to Lombok, Indonesia during my summer and I have found people here enjoying every second of their lives and thanking god for what they have; their long lives.

The EyesLombok, Indonesia, July 2012
Canon EOS 60D
Canon EF-S 18-135mm
1/500 , 7.2

Being old and being vulnerable, when illnesses comes and 'kills' you slowly.
Is that what you fear of being old?

My father asked her what happened to her eyes, she said she didn't know.
Her smile widen, her right eye remained unopened.
My father asked her again, if she can see and she said that she sees only with her left eye, and it is so blurry.
Still smiling with her left eye covered in cloud.
Even though, she kept pulling a huge smile across her face when I snapped this picture,
and at all times, even when no one's around.

The Spark
Lombok, Indonesia, July 2012
Canon EOS 550D
Canon EF-S 18-55 mm
1/50 , 4.5
58 mm UV

Being old and being powerless, when you cannot work or go anywhere with those fragile body.
Being poor and living with boundaries.
Is that what you fear of being old?

She lived in a traditional Lombok house, her house is as old as she is,
as fragile as she is, but you can see all the sparks of joy coming out of her.
Her house is not even a house with bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.
The house is only a room as a bedroom and living room,
under short grass roofing, with a terrace with no flooring in front.
Only one lamp hanging in that room, and several wooden household items.
Despite 'all' she has, she smiles at all times,
greeting guest with her spark.
She flashed her brightest smile and raised her thumb when I snapped this picture.

So what do you fear? When you can befriend the years you have feared most.

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