Rabu, 29 September 2010

Cashew Macaroon Recipe


Cashew Nut 80 gr
Icing Sugar 90 gr
Sugar 40 gr
Egg White 70 gr

How to Make:
1. Crush cashew nuts with a blender.
2. Mix the crushed cashew with icing sugar using a spoon.
3. Beat the egg white with a mixer in high speed until it's foamy. Add sugar and mix again until it rises.
4. Add the cashew and icing sugar mix to it. Fold with spatula. Mix slowly. Don't overmix it.
5. Drop a spoonful of the mix to a nonsticky baking paper. Continue with the rest.
6. Bake in the medium heat until it turned gold. It's okay if it's still a bit lumpy, it'll harden when it gets cold.
7. Decorate with cream and strawberries. Such a darling! Berries and creams are bestfriends :)

It's my fav guilty pleasure: baking some kind of uncanny things like this.
Next time i'll do the honey rolled oat balls!

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